Your Smartphone Will Soon Know If You Have Bipolar Disorder

In the United States, 1 in 50 people over the age of 25 have some form of bipolar disorder. In fact, the United States has more cases of bipolar I and II per-capita than any other nation in the world. Researchers at the University of Michigan are now testing a new smartphone app for Android, code-named PRIORI, that can help detect if someone is having a bipolar episode.
While the app still requires more testing before launch, a group of 60 volunteer American patients are already starting to show promising results, according to a study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and facilitated by the Prechter Bipolar Research Fund at the University of Michigan Depression Center.

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Investigation Reveals OSU Marching Band Is Filled With Depraved Perverts

After a two-moth investigation, Ohio State University’s marching band director was fired when a slew of highly sexual and kinky hazing rituals were brought to school officials’ knowledge.
Jonathan Waters got the boot Thursday when the university discovered that the marching band director was enabling his bevy of pervy music students to indulge in devious sexual hazing, according to The Columbus Dispatch. The report claims that Waters knew of the sexual and offensive traditions, but chose to ignore complaints.
Most notably, the investigation claims that the “Best Damn Band in the Land” would often assign raunchy nicknames to members of the 225-person band after the students would perform “tricks,” according to a Deadspin article. In order to earn a racy pet name, students would have to perform on command an array of sexually explicit acts – more ambitious band geeks reportedly performed the tricks on their own accord.
The university’s report states that one female student endearingly known as “Squirt,” would sit on fellow band member’s laps and pretend to orgasm. On “make the Band night” the determined students really wanted to make the band cut so she sat “on her younger brother’s lap pretending to orgasm,” the official report states.

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In light of a very curious Twitter account, @Congressedits — which tracks and posts all changes made to Wikipedia pages from within the U.S. Capitol — Wikipedia has banned anonymous edits to their pages from a certain congressional IP address. The IP address, which could be used by a number of different people, will be blocked for the next ten days.
There has naturally been speculation that the edits flagged by @Congressedits are being made by Congressional staffers. The Washington Post has described the edits as "trolling," and The Wire is inclined to agree. Some of the changes have been to things like the page about horse heads, after a citizen wearing a horse head mask shook President Obama's hand, and another accusing Cuba for spreading Apollo 11 conspiracy theories.
When the edits were covered by Mediaite, someone at this same IP address changed Mediaite's Wikipedia page to say the publication is "sexist transphobic."